Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Lauren Bischoff’s Newly Released The Knowledge Crystals

Pottstown, PA, January 10, 2024 — “The Knowledge Crystals”: a charming tale of determination and friendship. “The Knowledge Crystals” is the creation of published author, Lauren Bischoff, a young woman from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Lauren was diagnosed with autism at seven years old and has worked hard to overcome challenges. As a young girl, she always enjoyed writing stories and poems and dreamed of being an author. The Knowledge Crystals is Lauren’s first published work. Lauren has a love for all animals. The characters are from some of Lauren’s experiences as well as from her vivid imagination. She worked on this book for several years and wrote several different versions. This is her final vision.

Bischoff shares, “Two cats—Pumpkin Auken and his brother, Tigger—set off on a journey in their Boot-Hoot to go camping. Along the way, they come across Princess Lauren from a kingdom that purposely exploded. Princess Lauren travels through the Veil of Forgetfulness and struggles to remember who she is and how she can help put her kingdom right again. With the assistance of her new friends, she slowly regains her memory and leads them across the realms of Grimalkin searching for magic crystals, hoping these crystals will free her kingdom from the grip of Dante. Together, they travel through various adventures, coming across strange characters and animals and dealing with mishaps and solving riddles while attempting to get information to lead them to the crystals that can help put Princess Lauren’s kingdom back together again.”

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