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Libby, MT, January 11, 2024 –Marcus Girod, an author who has spent his entire career in construction and gave his life over to Christ at an early age, has completed his new audiobook, “The Heart of the Mountain: A Warrior’s Way Book 1”: a thrilling fantasy novel that follows a young man who is sent on a perilous journey to complete the ultimate test and prove himself to the Great King.

Born in 1989, author Marcus Girod grew up the eighth child of nine in an old order Amish home, where an average part of his life growing-up was cleaning out horse, cow, and pigpens. At the age of six, Marcus gave his life to Jesus Christ, which opened doors to radical evangelism sharing the hope, love, and Gospel of Christ, which he later would admit was actually not radical at all but just a lifestyle of a normal Christian. At the age of twelve, he started working with a log home crew, where he remained in construction until 2019 when he co-founded a commercial roofing company, Flag Ship Foam & Coatings. Early on in his life, he developed a love for the great outdoors, and some of his favorite pastimes include hiking, fishing, and hunting. At the age of twenty-five, he married his beautiful wife Dora, and together they built their first house, wherein he started his first book, “Heart of the Mountain: A Warrior’s Way.”

Girod writes, “Young Peter is about to face the greatest challenges of his life. A season of peace has given him and his family a false sense of security. But indeed, a grave enemy has been lying in wait to kill Peter and all that he holds dear. When peace turns to violence, Peter’s world spirals out of control. Each step he takes seems to be in the wrong direction. Yet even in his darkest moments, he can hear the heartbeat of the Great King. Did Peter choose the quest, or did the quest choose him? One may never know, yet it will shape his life and the lives of all he meets along the way.”

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