Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Author Barbara Christensen’s New Book The New Fire Truck

Oxford, WI, January 10, 2024 –Barbara Christensen has completed her new book, “The New Fire Truck”: a delightful children’s story that follows Bubba Bear, who joins the new volunteer fire department along with his friends.

Author Barbara Christensen is married, a mother, and a grandmother, who only wants to share her love and friendship with her readers. She hopes they will learn to share love and friendship with their friends and family.

Christensen writes, “Mayor Paw Paw Bear and Ms. Lori faced the crowd and Bubba Bear and his friends got a place right up front. Mayor Paw Paw hushed the crowd and introduced Neon Cutie, the horse, who had been standing next to him. Neon Cutie was new to Uncle Al’s Woods and would be the new fire chief.”

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