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John Leahy’s New Book, Breakaway Wisdom: Life Strategies from the Coaches of Hockey East

Blackstone, MA, February 20, 2024 — John Leahy, the play-by-play voice of Merrimack College Hockey, has completed his new book, “Breakaway Wisdom: Life Strategies from the Coaches of Hockey East”: a gripping and potent exploration of the minds of some of the most talented coaches in collegiate hockey.

“This is a book about success, plain and simple,” says author John Leahy. “But unlike the vast majority of success and self-help books out there, this volume will have a very unique twist to it. You are about to experience success by looking through the lens of twelve college hockey coaches. These twelve men are the bench bosses of the teams that comprise Hockey East, one of the most competitive and elite college hockey conferences in the country. I sat down and interviewed these coaches on specific topics of success that I handpicked at each of the eleven venues of the league. These are the concepts that I feel are the most critical to achieving what we know as success.”

Published by Page Publishing, John Leahy’s insightful tale is a compilation of interviews conducted by the author with the head coaches of Hockey East, a Division 1 college hockey conference. Leahy assigned each coach a concept that relates to success, and the interviewees impart their knowledge from both a coach perspective and also a personal perspective. Leahy weaves each chapter together with his own fascinating analysis of the coaches’ advice. From the way in which a multiple national championship winner looks at confidence to the belief system behind a college’s hockey team revival, “Breakaway Wisdom” is sure to enrich the minds of readers.

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