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Author John Phillip Jaeger’s New Book, Science of the Bible

Irvine, CA, February 20, 2024 –– John Phillip Jaeger has completed his new book, “Science of the Bible”: a fascinating selection of Scripture verses that the author uses to dispel the notion that science and religion cannot coexist, instead using each excerpt to show how these two subjects can work hand in hand to support and explain each other.

Born and raised in Granite City, Illinois, author John Phillip Jaeger earned a chemical engineering degree and a master’s degree in business administration. He married his college sweetheart and together they traveled the world with their two daughters. John is a certified diver, licensed pilot, triathlete, marathoner (PR 3:07), and expert snow skier who currently plays tennis six times a week using the Y-string racket he designed and built to minimize framing mishits (Non-Provisional Patent Application No. 17/706, 841).

“Science of the Bible” cites passages from scriptures and then clarifies their agreement with modern science. The author’s intention was to correct the commonly repeated and destructive trope put forth by atheists that science and religion, specifically the Judeo-Christian Bible, are separate and incompatible and that believers are ignorant of science. Eighty-five percent of Nobel laureates are believers, and they are hardly ignorant of science.

“As a chemical engineer, I understand and subscribe to the tenets of the scientific method,” writes Jaeger. “If anything has given me an appreciation for the profound fortuitous interdependencies which make life possible, it is the objectivity engendered by my scientific background, coupled with common sense so often lacking in many well-educated people. How anti-intellectual it is of the atheist left to denigrate Christians, often maliciously so. Calling Christians fundies and believers in a flat earth seems to give many people the perverse notion that they are erudite and can consign Christians to the backwaters of ignorance. Just as Jesus overturned the tables of the money changers in his temple, so too is it my intention to overturn the tables of intolerant atheists with these personally written observations correlating science with its brilliant creator.”

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