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Holland, MI, February 19, 2024 — Laura Pardo, a mother, daughter, grandmother, and a child of God, has completed her new book, “I Can Do Hard Things: My Journey Toward Reconciliation, Recovery, and Healing”: a compelling faith-based memoir that follows the author as she faces a difficult road to recovery after a life-changing diagnosis.

Like most Christians, author Laura Pardo often fails in her endeavors to live for Christ, but through God’s grace, she rises, as the story of her health journey demonstrates. Pardo spends her spare time writing and conducting grandma camps with her six grandchildren each summer and has written professional articles and chapters in edited books focusing on teacher education. The author has also written a series of books for her grandchildren, depicting her childhood memories. A lifelong learner and educator, Pardo has taught elementary, middle, high school, and undergraduates for over forty years. She is currently a teacher educator and educational researcher at a small Christian college.

Life was going along comfortably; Laura Pardo’s job and personal and spiritual lives were satisfying, and she was about to enter her seventh decade. When she experienced an unknown neurological event, she embarked on a health journey that would engulf her for eighteen months and become a permanent part of her life moving forward. Being diagnosed with a rare and little-known blood disorder was terrifying. After a visit to Mayo Clinic, the treatment began immediately, and life as Laura knew it no longer existed.

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