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Author Andrew B. Sampsel’s New Book, Castle Reef 2 Bloodlines

Park Hill, OK, February 17, 2024 –Andrew B. Sampsel, the creative arts/technical director at his local church, has completed his new book, “Castle Reef 2: Bloodlines”: an exciting sequel that brings readers back into the Castle Reef world.

After a beach parking lot incident, tension escalates within the small coastal town and the nearby city of Brighton. Newlyweds Trent and Julie and the top-secret Counter-Terror Task Force leaders start to uncover more layers of the insidious plan that threatens their community and the world at large. The evil forces continue their relentless pursuit of recapturing the hidden microchip to complete their ultimate technological weapon. Soon, it will be up to Chief Julie Kerrig and the people she loves and trusts to stop them before it’s too late.

Author Andrew B. Sampsel became intrigued with writing when his high school English teacher required her students to express their thoughts and stories in a weekly journal. These “green books” provided an outlet for his imagination and eventually paved the way for him to use his creativity in writing, music, the dramatic arts, and visual arts for ministry. Andrew is married to Susan, the love of his life and his inspiration. They have two beautiful children and three adorable grandchildren.

Andrew writes, “Shirley Allen stood at the double-entry doors inside the police station, taking a long look outside at sunny Main Street. It was Friday afternoon, and the Labor Day weekend had already begun. Despite the setback in June, the news of the strange shark attacks and mass evacuation brought nationwide curiosity to the town, causing a record number of people to visit throughout the summer. As a result, nearly all the businesses in Castle Reef, including the Green Sea Inn, benefited and flourished exceedingly. Although the inbound traffic was now somewhat lighter, the coastal town remained very busy with last-minute vacationers and its many year-round residents.”

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