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Cal Coast Cares Foundation Celebrates Awarding Over $1 Million in Student Scholarships and Educator Grants

San Diego, CA, February 17, 2024 — The Cal Coast Cares Foundation has just reached a major milestone, awarding over $1 million in student scholarships and educator grants to nearly 800 individuals in San Diego and Riverside counties since Cal Coast Credit Union established the foundation in 2015. The foundation will award an additional $260,000 in scholarships and grants in 2024.

In total, the Cal Coast Cares Foundation has awarded the following since its inception:

· Over $283,000 in student scholarships for local college-bound high school students and university students
· Over $237,000 in scholarships for local foster students
· Over $225,000 in scholarships for local community college students
· Over $260,000 in grants for local educators.

“Year after year we are inspired by, and proud to support, local students who are pursuing their dreams of higher education, and local teachers who are developing projects to enrich classroom engagement and creative learning. We are grateful for every donor and supporter in the community who has made it possible for the foundation to have a positive impact on so many lives,” said Todd Lane, Cal Coast President and CEO and Foundation Board Member.

The foundation recently held a celebration to recognize this significant milestone. Participants included various student scholarship recipients and educator grantees, along with foundation board members, donors, and volunteers.

One grant recipient, Brittany Perro, a teacher at High Tech High Middle School, expressed her appreciation during a speech at the celebration event, “The challenge with project-based learning work is that it can be expensive to create the hands-on, real-world learning experience that truly transforms students’ lives. This is why I’m so grateful for organizations like the Cal Coast Cares Foundation that strive to support teachers to create meaningful, impactful experiences for students.”

The non-profit foundation awards student scholarships up to $2,000 per recipient for students who will be pursuing higher education, have proven a commitment to academic excellence and community leadership, and meet the application criteria. Qualifying students include college-bound high school seniors, current college students, and current or former foster students in San Diego or Riverside counties. Recipients of first year foster student scholarships who maintain certain minimum academic requirements are eligible for second-year scholarships.

Educator grants ranging from $500 to $2,000 are also awarded to local teachers in support of classroom projects that advance any of the STREAM fields (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) intended to promote lifelong learning. Grantees include local teachers in K-12 public, private or charter schools, and professors in community and state colleges/universities.

The application period for 2024 student scholarships is open now through April 15.

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