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Denver, CO, February 17, 2024 –Verto Education Celebrates Exceptional Student Achievement with Presidential Scholarship and Internship Opportunity

As the new academic semester commences, Verto Education is honored to welcome a vibrant and diverse group of students, each bringing their unique dreams and aspirations to the community. Their enthusiasm and dedication are the heartbeat of Verto, inspiring Verto to continually innovate and enhance their educational offerings. Amidst this exciting time, Verto Education is especially proud to spotlight the achievements of Madison Altenbach, an exemplary student who embodies the spirit and values of Verto.

Madison, a standout member of the latest Verto Buenos Aires cohort, has been awarded the prestigious Presidential Scholarship, a testament to her exceptional academic and personal accomplishments. This scholarship is part of Verto Education’s ongoing commitment to making transformative educational experiences accessible to talented students from various backgrounds.

In addition to her scholarship, Madison has been granted an internship position within Verto’s Marketing Department. During her semester abroad in Argentina, she will play a pivotal role in revitalizing Verto’s social media presence, infusing it with a fresh, youthful tone. Madison’s creativity and insight into the Gen Z perspective will be invaluable as they strive to connect more deeply with their community and share the unique Verto experience with a wider audience.

“We are incredibly proud to award Madison the Presidential Scholarship and welcome her to our Marketing Team. Her energy, vision, and commitment to excellence reflect the qualities we cherish in our students,” says Allie Chatas, Content Marketing Manager at Verto Education. “Madison’s journey is a shining example of the opportunities that Verto Education offers to young leaders eager to make a difference in the world.”

Verto Education remains dedicated to fostering a supportive, dynamic environment where students like Madison can thrive academically, personally, and professionally. Stay tuned for more updates on Verto participants’ adventures and accomplishments as they embark on their transformative Verto journeys.

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