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New Delhi, 20th November 2023: YuppTV, one of the world’s largest internet-based TV and on-demand service providers for South Asian content, today announced that it has launched Bollywood Hungama globally through its FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television) network platform. Bollywood Hungama is India’s premiere Bollywood news and entertainment website with over 70 million users and this launch will feature all news and gossip surrounding the world of Bollywood and the Indian entertainment business for the South Asian audience.

With the recent launch of its FAST network platform, YuppTV has forayed into the developing network segment which has shown massive potential in recent times. With a vast experience spanning across more than 10 years in the OTT segment, with premium offerings for millions of customers, YuppTV is now offering FAST channels, a category witnessing significant traction from viewers worldwide. Leveraging its new platform, YuppTV has availed Bollywood Hungama for viewers from across the globe. The platform has also partnered with major network providers to enable quality content through its FAST channels offering, and currently offers 200+ channels, while aiming to add 500+ total channels within the next few months. At present, YuppTV offers more than 250 TV channels, 5000+ movies and 100+ TV shows in 14 languages for viewers.

Siddhartha Roy, CEO, Hungama Digital Media, remarked on the partnership, “The collaboration between Bollywood Hungama and YuppTV is poised to introduce a compelling and vibrant facet of entertainment to the South Asian audience. In the ever-evolving and dynamic media landscape of today, where smart TVs play an indispensable role in the viewing experience, we acknowledge the need for innovation within the FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television) category. We are looking forward to expand our footprints in this domain, with a commitment to delivering exceptional content tailored to the unique preferences of our valued audience.”

Commenting on the launch, Uday Reddy, Founder & CEO, YuppTV said, “We are delighted to announce the launch of Bollywood Hungama on our FAST network platform, a segment that has grown exponentially. The Bollywood entertainment website boasts a strong user-base of 70 million, and has a highly engaging community of more than 16 million+ on social media, presenting a unique opportunity for us to reach out to more viewers globally. We are excited to provide our current user-base with original content from Bollywood Hungama, helping them keep up with the latest news from Bollywood, Hollywood, OTT, and television.”

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