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Shera Sunday

18th November 2023: Taking forward its commitment to enhance consumers’ experience with meat & seafood, Licious today launched its latest campaign ‘Licious Sera Sunday’, because ‘Sera Sunday maanei Licious er sera Mutton’, meaning ‘The ultimate (sera) Sunday calls for the ultimate (sera) Mutton by Licious’! The campaign celebrates the quintessential place that mutton holds in Bengali cuisine, and how a lip-smacking mutton dish is at the core of a well-spent, memorable Sunday. The film takes us inside a Bengali household on a Sunday, giving us a glimpse into how every family member’s Sunday plans revolve around the aromatic, delectable Mangshor Jhol being prepared for lunch. Catch the film on the brand’s YouTube and Insta pages and plan for your next sera Sunday on the Licious App or website.

Santosh Hegde, Vice President – Brand at Licious, says: “While nobody understands meat & seafood as well as we at Licious do, we continually make efforts to better understand our consumers and their preferences. One of our core product offerings, mutton is a true sensorial indulgence, especially in Kolkata, where Sundays mean familial togetherness & bonding over that special mutton preparation. The sign of a great Sunday is the shared mutton lunch experience that lingers, influencing plans and conversations through the oncoming week. And it all starts with the right mutton – tender, fresh and customized per the recipe it is meant for. The perfect blend of meat and fat for that rich taste, meaty & succulent mutton pieces and fresh, premium quality mutton – are all the right ingredients that we offer for the making of a sera Sunday!”

The film opens on a typical morning inside a Bengali household, when the marination of mutton is a clear giveaway that it’s a Sunday. As the film rightly points out – akta aladai byapar ache ajker robibare (there’s something different about this Sunday), we see members of the family, from the granddad to the grandson, getting enticed by the aromas arising from the kitchen. In an almost orchestrated fashion, all plans and activities for the day center around the Mangshor Jhol; like Rahul has abandoned the football ground for a ‘big’ reason calling dibs on a big juicy mutton piece as his mom lifts a piece on the ladle. As lunchtime approaches, the Mangshor Jhol, now with the mutton pieces & curry delicately arranged on a bed of rice, draws the family together in a delicious communion. With each bite, a sense of sheer delight and fulfillment takes over, reaffirming ‘shotti akta aladaaai byapar ache ajker robibare, karon Licious Mutton er shathe ei robibar ta hoyeche shobar sera”, meaning ‘truly there’s something different about this Sunday, because with Licious Mutton it has become next-level/the very best’. To cater to Bengali’s love for mutton, Licious has also launched 2 new offerings – Mangshor Jhol Cut crafted from Kochi Patha which is just what you need for that lip-smackingly good Sunday mutton curry. In addition, the brand now also offers Kosha Mangsho cut, expertly crafted to make the Mangsho’r Jhols richer and tender.

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