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India, 31st October 2023: Murty Media, a content production house, is embarking on an initiative to turn the literary works of the renowned author and philanthropist, Mrs. Sudha Murty, into a captivating animated series titled, ‘Story Time with Sudha Amma.’ The show will feature 52 of the most popular stories from Mrs. Murty’s titles, ‘Grandma’s Bag of Stories’, ‘Grandparents’ Bag of Stories’, and ‘The Magic Drum and Other Favourite Stories.’ The show will be streamed on the YouTube channel, ‘Murty Media’, a dedicated platform to showcase stories by the beloved author.

Sudha Murty, Founder of Infosys Foundation, and the current Chairperson of Murty Trust, is a celebrated Indian author, known for her engaging storytelling that taps into India’s rich cultural heritage while addressing contemporary issues. Her heart-warming children’s stories, including ‘Grandparents’ Bag of Stories’, ‘Gopi Diaries’, and others have enjoyed remarkable success. Her stories resonate with readers of all ages and have garnered a global fanbase. The animated series “Story Time with Sudha Amma” will be launched in 6 languages – Hindi, English, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu, catering to a diverse audience and making these beloved stories accessible to a wider spectrum of viewers.

Speaking about the launch of the series, Aparna Krishnan, President, Murty Media, and the creative brains behind the animated series said, “We are thrilled to launch ‘Story Time with Sudha Amma’ on a platform like YouTube because it democratizes access to content. Mrs. Murty’s stories have the right mix of entertainment and meaningful life lessons. Our hope is that kids and families everywhere will watch and enjoy this values-based show.”

Sharing her thoughts, Mrs. Sudha Murty said, “I have always believed in the power of stories to inspire and educate. I am delighted that this show has the potential to reach many more young hearts and minds.”

‘Story Time with Sudha Amma’ is Murty Media’s flagship animation series. To bring these stories to life, Murty Media has appointed Cosmos Maya, Asia’s leading animation studio, as its animation partner. Talking about the collaboration, Megha Tata, CEO, Cosmos Maya, shared her thoughts, stating, “We are thrilled to be part of this project that will bring Mrs. Sudha Murty’s engaging tales to a global audience. These stories will inspire and captivate viewers in multiple languages, fostering a love for storytelling and lifelong learning. Launching these stories on YouTube will make them available to a wider audience who can be inspired and educated through the life lessons embedded in Mrs. Murty’s books.”

Starting from 31st October 2023, episodes of this exciting animated series will be released weekly on ‘Murty Media’ (, YouTube channel.

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