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Hyderabad, 31st October 2023: In an exceptional achievement, Dr. Mukta Agrawal, Assistant Professor (Pharmaceutics) at SVKM’s NMIMS School of Pharmacy & Technology Management, Jadcherla, Hyderabad, was honoured with the Best Oral Presentation Award for her groundbreaking research presentation titled, “Comparative Analysis of SLN and NLC as Novel Drug Carrier System”. Dr. Agrawal received the honor at the International Platform, “Pharmacon 2023” on ‘New Horizons in Drug, Devices and Diagnostics’.

The international conference was organised by the one of the most prestigious institution, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (NIPER), Hyderabad, under the Department of Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Chemical and Fertilisers, Government of India, at the Heartful Wellness Centre, Kanha Shanti Vanam, Hyderabad.

The “Pharmacon 2023” is a congregation of prominent domestic and international leaders in academia, industry, and policymakers, held to discuss the current challenges and opportunities in drug discovery, drug development and medical diagnostics. Participants present their original research work through oral and poster presentations at this event.

Dr. Agrawal presented her extensive research in Solid Lipid Nanoparticles (SLN) and Nano Lipid Carriers (NLC), titled, ‘Comparative Analysis of SLN and NLC as Novel Drug Carrier System’, wherein, the professor compared the efficiency of both the nanocarriers, SLC and NLC, for drug targeting to the brain for treating inflammatory or neurodegenerative disorders. The findings of the comprehensive research revealed that both nanocarriers have been proven efficient for the treatment of tumour targeting, brain targeting and other chronic disorders. NLC nanocarriers were found comparatively better in terms of drug loading, entrapment, stability and pharmacokinetic parameters.

Dr. Mukta Agrawal is an Assistant Professor (Pharmaceutics) at the NMIMS SPTM, Hyderabad Campus. A PhD from CSVTU, her core subjects of interest include Nanoparticles, Stimuli Responsive Drug Carriers, Brain Targeting, Alzheimer’s Therapy, Nose-to-Brain Drug Delivery, and Tumour targeting. Dr. Agrawal teaches in the domains of Pharmaceutical Technology, Controlled Drug Delivery Systems, Novel Drug Delivery Systems and Pharmacokinetics. To her credit, she is having over 70 national and international research papers on varied topics receiving numerous accolades. Dr. Agrawal is a regular attendee at conferences and workshops of significant importance and was recently featured in the ‘Top 2% Scientists of the World’ list by Stanford University and Elsevier for second consecutive year. She is also a recipient of Young Scientist 2016 and many other National Scientific Competitions.

Sharing the joy of her achievement, Dr. Mukta Agrawal said, “The recognition is a moment of honour for me. I express my gratitude towards the NMIMS faculty and management for their exceptional support and encouragement. NMIMS SPTM Hyderabad has the right infrastructure and resources to pursue path-breaking research in distinct realms of science which helped me achieve the recognition.”

Expressing appreciation for Dr. Agrawal, Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh, Director, NMIMS Hyderabad, said, ‘The recognition at ‘Pharmacon 2023’ is an honor for NMIMS SPTM Hyderabad. High-quality and path-breaking research is the bedrock of any institution and we encourage and strive hard to provide the best avenues for our learned faculties to pursue research in a range of disciplines.”

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