Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Dean & Anson Vargo’s Newly Released Galactic Passages Stormhive Rising

Barnum, MN, February 14, 2024 — “Galactic Passages: Stormhive Rising”: an edge of your seat thrill ride that will not disappoint. “Galactic Passages: Stormhive Rising” is the creation of published authors, Dean & Anson Vargo.

Dean Vargo retired from the Air National Guard and as a full-time firefighter in 2021. He enjoys thinking about the narrative of his books while running on the rugged trails of northern Minnesota and discussing the storylines with Anson. Natalie is always present to give artistic advice, and Abigail is the animal expert. Sarah occasionally provides an editing eye. Dean enjoys collaborating with his family for the projects. The family tolerates Dean’s dedication to the Galactic Passages series well.

Dean & Anson Vargo share, “A secret power is rising. As the universe braces for an intergalactic conflict, a mysterious message is sent to two notorious men. Both must search his heart and make a choice between good and evil.

“Every option comes with a price. Both men will pull from the deepest corners of his soul to influence the farthest expanses of three dimensions.

“Who will help heal a fractured planet? Who will strive to tear the universe apart?”

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