Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

Charlotte Varela Gajewski’s New Book I See You

Warren, NJ, February 15, 2024 — Charlotte Varela Gajewski, a New Jersey native who loves spending time outdoors with family, friends, and her dog Misty, has completed her new book, “I See You: A True Tale of Two Bunnies”: a sweet and enthralling story about love and friendship.

The story begins, “Once there was a little girl who lived up on a mountain. She had a pet bunny named Penelope. In the spring and summer, Penelope lived in a bunny hutch under a dogwood tree. When the winter snows came Penelope lived in a greenhouse. She was free to roam amongst the tropical flowers. One day, the little girl saw a wild bunny looking through the glass at Penelope. Every day, the wild bunny came to see Penelope in her warm greenhouse. The little girl imagined they were friends.”

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