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David Schwinger’s New Book,Murder Was Necessary An Amy Bell Mystery

Wimauma, FL, February 24, 2024 –David Schwinger, a retired mathematics teacher and accomplished author, has completed his new book, “Murder Was Necessary: An Amy Bell Mystery”: a gripping and potent detective novel following a stunning sleuth as she investigates a dastardly double homicide.

“Scott looked around,” writes Schwinger. “No Frank. Not on the sofa where both men would normally sit. Not on any of the other chairs in the spacious office. But then Scott saw his VP lying on the floor next to the sofa with his head surrounded by a pool of blood. Scott bent over in an attempt to determine whether Frank might possibly still be alive, but before he could do any investigating, someone came up behind him and shot him three times in the head.”

Published by Page Publishing, David Schwinger’s electrifying tale is the sixteenth installment in the “Amy Bell” series. “Murder Was Necessary” opens as Scott Maybank, founder and president of the very successful Best Bodies Super Gym, is closing up for the day. He goes to his office where he finds his VP of finance, Frank Magnus, dead in a pool of blood. He barely has time to think before a killer emerges from the shadows, and Scott soon meets the same fate as his VP.

The police are utterly stumped at this vicious double murder. Frustrated by the police’s incompetence, a good friend of Scott’s hires bombshell supersleuth Amy Bell to investigate. Amy is led down a whirlpool of jealousy and weak motives. She’ll have to think outside of the box to discover who wanted to kill Scott Maybank, if he was even the intended target in the first place.

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