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Author J. Kent Johnson’s New Book Prisoners of the Mind

Yuba City, CA, February 23, 2024 –J. Kent Johnson, a journalist who worked for newspapers in Northern California for forty years, has completed his new book, “Prisoners of the Mind”: a potent story about two World War II soldiers affected by wartime trauma in separate incidences. Johnson pulls from his own experiences with childhood trauma to give readers a glimpse into the minds of those suffering from trauma and the difficult road to recovery they all face.

Johnson writes, “Medical scans now tell us that such experiences change the brain, leaving such vets trapped by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), complete with frightening flashbacks, angry outbursts, feelings of being cut off from others and being constantly on guard.”

Published by Page Publishing, Johnson’s gripping narrative gives readers insight into the minds of those who have gone through a life-changing trauma to help expand the understanding and end the stigma of mental illness in society.

“Prisoners of the Mind” features two veterans who faced similar traumatic experiences during the war in separate incidents. The symptoms of trauma have governed their lives, but one has overcome his suffering while the other has not. The two men meet at a wrecking yard next to a produce market where they work nearly twenty years after the war, still fighting with the ghosts of their past.

The heartbreaking story will keep readers enrapt right up to the startling, unexpected ending.

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