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Author Michael G. Whitely, Sr.’s New Book, The Life and Times of a Door-to-Door Salesman

Fort Smith, AR, January 31, 2024 –Michael G. Whitely, Sr. has completed his new book, “The Life and Times of a Door-to-Door Salesman”: a striking narrative that takes readers along on the life journey of a door-to-door salesman named Burt.

At seven years old, Burt felt abandoned by his parents, who migrated to England with the promise of sooner than later bringing their seven children, who had been scattered out to family members on both sides of the family. Along with his three younger siblings, he was placed under the care of his mother’s half-sister in the parish of Saint Catherine.

After enduring almost two years of hell, he was rescued by Aunt Edna, who found a home for him in Kingston with her cousin, thereby putting him on the course that would prepare him for the life he would later experience in America, that of a door-to-door salesman.

Author Michael G. Whitely, Sr. writes, “One day, a truck pulled up to our house, taking all our furniture, leaving only the mattress. It was the bailiff sent by the landlord because we could not afford to pay the rent. My father actually won the only fight I witnessed him in. A man, really an older boy in his early twenties, cursed my dad, throwing a bottle at him, which missed, hitting the light pole. My dad, with a club in hand, chased him up the street but could not catch him. Things got better for us after his brother Uncle Ken came into the picture.”

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