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Author Kathey Morris Mercer’s New Book The Princess Saves the Kingdom of Honey

San Antonio, TX, January 31, 2024 –Kathey Morris Mercer, a retired educator who currently resides with her family in San Antonio, Texas, has completed her new book, “The Princess Saves the Kingdom of Honey”: a charming story of a young princess who must use her special power to help protect her kingdom’s bees and save her people.

Born and raised in Jackson, Tennessee, author Kathey Morris Mercer is passionate about teaching children to read, and that passion was her inspiration for becoming a children’s book author. She has received five outstanding teacher awards from Tennessee, Alabama, and Texas, as well as an achievement award from the International Society of Poets. She is a certified life coach, reading specialist, counselor, and public speaker for churches, conferences, colleges, and schools.

“In ‘The Princess Saves the Kingdom of Honey,’ the bees are greatly needed and highly respected by the king, queen, and the people of Euphoria,” writes Mercer. “For many years now, they have suffered the loss of thousands of honeybees being destroyed by outside forces.

“A prophecy was given to the king and queen. The Princess would have greater powers than they possess. She would save the honeybees and keep the kingdom prosperous and happy. The queen tells the princess the horrible news. Can the Princess stop the outside forces from destroying any more bees?”

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