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Author Celeste Adams Wells Alexander Ed.S’s New Book It's All About Water

East Point, GA, January 27, 2024 — Celeste Adams Wells Alexander, Ed.S, a retired science teacher with thirty years of teaching experience in public schools and juvenile detention, has completed her new book, “It’s All About Water”: a captivating look at one of the most essential needs for animals and plants alike to help young readers learn all about the water cycle and water’s different forms.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, author Celeste Adams Wells Alexander, Ed.S, attended Morris Brown College, Georgia State University, Troy State University, and Capella University, and holds a bachelor of science degree, master of science degree, and an education specialist degree. She currently serves as an associate minister and first lady, where her husband is pastor and assists her brother at his church when needed. Celeste is an itinerant elder in the AMEC and once served as Christian Education director, Sunday school teacher, worship leader, and pastor. And is also a songwriter and public speaker.

Celeste shares, “This book will provide basic concepts and principles for understanding the chemical composition of water. Basic chemistry is introduced using the periodic table and showing the difference between elements and compounds. There are questions asked that will promote reading comprehension.

“The water cycle and the phases of water are introduced. ‘It’s All About Water’ will develop and expand their scientific knowledge about the water they drink. It will arouse their curiosity to know that the water they drank probably rolled down a dinosaur’s back.

“There are pictures and tools in the book that are very valuable in understanding the makeup of water. It will change the way they think about water. They will know that water can be found as liquid, solid, or gas and what those phases look like. Reading and learning about water is very interesting and fascinating. They will never think the same way about water after reading this book.”

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