Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

Author Beth Berger-Caldwell’s New Book Our Many Adventures to Frog Island

Littleton, CO, January 27, 2024 –Beth Berger-Caldwell has completed her new book, “Our Many Adventures to Frog Island”: a touching story starring Sparkles, Polli, Flare, and Rana, a group of friends who are dedicated to finding Frog Island and go on ten amazing adventures along the way, meeting a dragon, a pirate, a princess, and so many other helpful people.

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Beth Berger-Caldwell’s engaging tale shows all the fun and laughs they have along the way, as they go through dangers and fun, meeting a bunch of new friends along the way, so to all readers, bring some snacks and a lot of imagination because it is a wild ride.

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