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Author Bill Henry’s New Book Scuttlebutt: Confessions of a Navy Air Traffic Controller

Lawrenceburg, TN, January 12, 2024 –– Bill Henry, who was raised in Louisiana, has completed his new book, “Scuttlebutt: Confessions of a Navy Air Traffic Controller”: a gripping work that takes readers along for the life and military career of Jess Harper.

With his Vietnam draft notice arriving any day, Jess Harper joins the US Navy, only to see the peace talks signed soon thereafter. Air traffic control becomes the anchor that holds him true to course throughout a twenty-year career and thereafter. The harrowing air traffic control situations and life beyond ATC create his story. Both an East and West Coast sailor, exploits begin in Orlando boot camp to Glynco, Georgia, for training. Life for this sailor travels on to Lemoore, California, Cubi Point, Philippines, New Orleans, USS “Forrestal,” Corpus Christi, Texas, Iraq-Kuwait border, and Troutdale, Oregon.

Author Bill Henry has spent thirty-four years in air traffic control around the globe. Now retired, his time is focused mainly between Tennessee and California.

Henry writes, “The 8,000 ft. runway was positioned directly in front of the tower window with a panoramic view of surrounding mountains in the background. Blue waters of the bay washed against three sides of the airport. The local flight pattern, where pilots needing practice with repetitive touch-and -go, was busy with each aircraft climbing to 1,200 ft. on the downwind leg. The five aircraft currently in the pattern consisted of two A-7s (attack-oriented, single-engine jet), one F-8 (fighter-oriented, single-engine jet), one P-3 (patrol-oriented, four-engine turboprop), and an E-2 (dual-engine electronic reconnaissance aircraft that has the saucer-shaped, revolving antenna positioned on top.)”

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