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Author Anthony Colon’s New Book Kids of New York

Elmhurst, NY, January 12, 2024 — Anthony Colon, a Bronx native, martial arts expert with black belts in karate and Kung Fu, and the founder of Kids of New York, and organization that promotes free hip-hop events or youth across the city, has completed his new book, “Kids of New York: Family, Street Culture, and Violence”: a thought-provoking yet entertainingly written memoir reflecting on the formative experiences- along with the dizzying talent of Bruce Lee- that inspired him on his journey toward personal and professional achievement.

The author was born in the South Bronx in 1970, a time when chaos and despair wreaked havoc on the community, in a place where crime ruled the streets, where hope and poverty lived on the same side of the block. A young mother decided to take her baby boy and ran. She packed up and moved to a better place, a town called Springfield. It was a new home, where the butterflies hummed and the hummingbirds chirped to a new melody. The young boy lived his younger years in a state of bliss, that is until the dark clouds rolled in. The family fell on hard times. The author’s biggest worries were where was the next meal coming from or how to stay warm in a frigid apartment. Times were tough, but the young boy kept his resolve and was undeterred by all the misery around him. He found a better place, a place inside himself. Even though everything around him was falling apart—including his family life, school, and friendships—he never faltered and kept his chin up. When you hit rock bottom, there is only one way to go: up. Like the saying goes, “Seven times down, eight times up.”

Throughout the years, the author was able to overcome great adversity and make a better life for himself. He has owned and operated several martial arts schools in the New York City area. The author also founded the Kids of New York, an organization which holds free events for city youth including breaking (breakdance) and martial arts. Hope is what gives us direction. Passion is the wings beneath are feet. Anything is possible despite the obstacles we may face. Just keep moving forward, and you will surely reach a better place. Karate, Anthony.

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