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Mumbai, December 2, 2023: Ultra-luxury homes (priced >INR 40 Cr each) have had an unprecedented bull-run in 2023, with both the number of sales and sales value of such assets hitting new peaks. Latest ANAROCK Research data finds that year 2023 till date has seen a staggering 247% yearly surge in terms of total sales value of ultra-luxury homes against the whole of 2022.

Anuj Puri, Chairman - ANAROCK Group
Anuj Puri, Chairman – ANAROCK Group

Anuj Puri, Chairman – ANAROCK Group, says, “A total of 58 ultra-luxury homes have been sold across the top 7 cities in 2023 to date, for a collective sales value of approx. INR 4,063 Cr. In contrast, the whole of 2022 saw a total of 13 ultra-luxury homes sold in these cities for a total sales value of approx. INR 1,170 Cr. In terms of ultra-luxury property sales, 2023 has already made Indian real estate history even before it is over.”

> INR 40 Cr. Homes sold in India
No. of Homes Sold
Year Apartment Bungalow Grand Total
2022 10 3 13
2023 53 5 58

Source: ANAROCK Research

Elaborating on the genesis of this unmatched appetite for trophy homes, Puri says, “Demand for both luxury and ultra-luxury properties has surged since the pandemic, with HNIs and ultra-HNIs buying such homes for investment, personal use, or both. The upsurge in demand for ultra-luxury homes can also be traced to the reshuffling of HNI investment portfolios amid the anticipated volatility in the stock market due to the existing geopolitical tensions. Not surprisingly, leading Grade A developers have also been scaling up their new supply in the ultra-luxury category. Among wealthy Indians, there is a very distinct FOMO aspect to securing the most desirable options before someone else does.”

> INR 40 Cr. Homes sold in India
Value (in INR Cr.)
Year Apartment Bungalow Grand Total
2022 730 440 1170
2023 3743 320 4063

Source: ANAROCK Research

Of at least 58 ultra-luxury properties sold across the top 7 cities in 2023 so far, Mumbai alone sold 53 units priced >INR 40 crore each – a 91% share of the total deals across the top cities. At least four separate ultra-luxury home deals worth >INR 40 crore each were closed in Delhi-NCR – two apartments in Gurgaon and two bungalows in New Delhi. Hyderabad witnessed one residential deal worth >INR 40 Cr. at Jubilee Hills.

Of the 53 deals in Mumbai city, at least 3 were for price tags above INR 200 crore – incidentally, all three closed by ANAROCK – and 7 deals were closed for between INR 100 – 200 Cr each.
At least two ultra-luxury homes in Delhi-NCR were sold for above INR 100 crore each.

Apartments clearly remained the preferred property type for HNIs as of 58 deals, 53 were for apartments and the remaining five for bungalows. At least 79% of the total deals were concluded by businessmen, and 16% by senior professionals from across various sectors. Politicians and Bollywood celebrities accounted for the remaining 5%.

City Micro-market Property-Type Total Cost (INR Cr) Area (in Sq. Ft.)
Mumbai Worli Apartment 230 29,885
Mumbai Malabar hill Penthouse 253 12,624
Mumbai Malabar hill Apartment 369 27,160
Delhi Golf Links Bungalow 160 19,440
Mumbai Malabar hill Apartment 263 19,254

Source: ANAROCK Research

Ultra-Luxury Homes – A 2022 Retrospective

Clearly, the Covid-19 pandemic unleashed a demand storm for the luxury and ultra-luxury homes segments. If we consider the collective data of 2022 and 2023 till date, 71 ultra-luxury residential deals worth approx. INR 5,233 Cr. were closed in the top 7 cities.

Of the 13 deals worth approx. INR 1,170 Cr closed in 2022, at least 10 deals were for apartments and the remaining 3 for bungalows. Mumbai accounts for 11 deals and the remaining two were closed in Delhi-NCR. Interestingly, none of the remaining 5 top cities saw such large ticket value deals in 2022.

Of the 13 ultra-luxury homes sold in 2022, at least 9 deals were for units priced between INR 100 – 150 Cr – all in Mumbai City.

> INR 40 Cr. Homes sold in India
No. of Homes Sold City Wise
Year Delhi NCR Mumbai Hyderabad Grand Total
2022 2 11   13
2023 4 53 1 58
Grand Total 6 64 1 71

Source: ANAROCK Research

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