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(The Tokyo Metropolitan Governor’s Award)

[Tokyo, Japan, September 28, 2023]

transcosmos inc. is proud to announce that the company has won an Excellence in Disability Inclusion Company Award by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as a company that carries out exceptional initiatives in employing people with disabilities. transcosmos will receive the award at the award ceremony scheduled on Tuesday, October 24, 2023.

With the Excellence in Disability Inclusion Company Award, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government honors businesses that demonstrate exceptional initiatives such as proactively developing skills and knowledge of, and enhancing working conditions for people with disabilities. The government chooses the award winners from Tokyo-based companies that achieve the statutory employment rate of people with disabilities. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced the award winning companies on Thursday, September 14, 2023, naming six companies as the winners for the fiscal year 2023.

All employees, both with and without disabilities, work together and unleash their individual uniqueness and abilities. transcosmos believes that this is the philosophy that a company should uphold, and is promoting the employment of people with disabilities. It also is transcosmos’s belief that a company should be a place where people with differing individuality and personalities come together, and that this diversity fosters a superior corporate culture. At transcosmos, people with disabilities including those who have hearing and visual impairment, upper and lower limb disorders, visceral disorders, and psychological disorders continue to demonstrate their abilities at work. As their employer, the company has always been proactive in establishing and implementing systems and programs to assist people with special care needs.

transcosmos key initiatives

  • Taking two assignment approaches in parallel. One is a team-based model, receiving job orders from both internal and external customers as a team, with each individual working on their tasks as a member of the team. The other is a distributed assignment approach, through which an individual is assigned to a department of the company, and works as a member of the department.
  • Roughly 80% of people with disabilities play an active role in profit centers – service-related departments that directly generate sales – making a huge contribution to the company.

With the aim of creating a workplace where each employee with a diverse background can work actively and demonstrate their full potential, transcosmos will continue to drive its Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives.

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