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MUSCAT, Oman – September 28, 2023 Fisheries Development Oman (FDO) is set to participate in the sixth Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo from 27th to 29th September 2023 in St. Petersburg, Russia, as part of its commitment to sustainable growth and global expansion.

The Expo will feature over 400 companies from 34 Russian regions and 14 countries, sprawling over 26,000 square meters of exhibition space. With 139 speakers on the roster, the event promises a convergence of industry leaders, traders, and retailers.

Badar Said Al Naabi, Group Director – Business Development, remarked, “As a key player in Oman’s fisheries and aquaculture sector, FDO’s involvement underscores Oman’s position as a large fish producer in the GCC region, in addition to its role as a net exporter of fish and fish products. To elevate this position, Oman is working to expand its seafood exports and access new markets. This involves complying with market requirements and best practices, focusing on food safety, and sustainability, and maintaining an environmentally friendly approach. In addition, the Sultanate of Oman offers attractive business incentives and ensures a clear business environment, alongside continuous improvements in fisheries infrastructure and regulation of the value chain”.

On the event, added, “Our presence at the Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia comes at a pivotal moment. Russian traders have a discernible and growing interest in the diverse range of products our subsidiary companies offer. This event provides a platform to engage with these traders and solidify FDO’s reputation in Russian and global markets. We aim to foster collaborations, secure meaningful deals, and attract investments in the fisheries and aquaculture industry. With fisheries being a cornerstone of Oman’s economy, this event echoes our national vision of amplifying this vital industry on a global stage”.

FDO functions as an Investment and Development holding company. Its subsidiaries play a vital role in operations, reflecting FDO’s focus on development and industry participation. In line with its 2023-2026 vision, FDO has made progress in infrastructure, diversified its investments, and sought better returns. One of its recent initiatives includes the launch of ‘Acila’, a fishing vessel emphasizing sustainability. FDO aims to support Oman’s economic growth by investing in local and international fisheries and aquaculture sectors. Their efforts align with the broader objectives of sustainable development and economic diversification, as highlighted in Oman Vision 2040.

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