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Bengaluru, September 28, 2023: NIBAV Home Lifts, the country’s largest home lift brand, is proud to be the forerunner in announcing the launch of a first-of-its-kind Zero Cost EMI Scheme in the home lift category. This groundbreaking initiative allows the customer to experience enhanced mobility, convenience, and safety within their homes at no extra cost.

There are certain aspects when it comes to understanding the eligibility of an EMI scheme, but in this instance, Nibav has made it super easy for their customers to check the feasibility with just a few clicks. This user-friendly portal can be accessed through the company’s official website:

Mr. Vimal R. Babu, CEO and Founder of NIBAV Home Lifts expressed his excitement about this significant announcement and said, “We are proud to be the pioneers in introducing the Zero Cost EMI Scheme in the home lift category, enabling more customers to experience the benefits of home lifts. Our expanded ECO network reinforces our commitment to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that our customers receive timely support and maintenance. We will continue to expand our network to ensure greater customer engagement and generate high-skilled employment opportunities that will benefit the local communities.”

In line with its commitment to exceptional customer service, NIBAV Home Lifts has expanded its network from 44 to 71 experience centres and offices in the last 4 months worldwide. The ECO network expansion ensures an extensive service coverage area, allowing customers to have prompt assistance, maintenance, and support for their home lifts. This initiative highlights NIBAV Home Lifts’ focus on providing reliable and efficient service to its customers, ensuring their satisfaction and peace of mind.

Engineered to European standards, NIBAV has been installing air-driven home elevators that are transforming the quality of life in every home – allowing homeowners to embrace the sustainable eco-friendly home lift. NIBAV’s patented home elevators use less power than conventional hydraulic systems and with industry-leading features such as Zero Civil Work, Self-Supporting Structure, Grease Less Technology, and Wheelchair Compatibility.

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