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Blue Planet

New Delhi | India| November 24, 2023: Blue Planet has emerged victorious at the 2023 Enterprise 50 (E50) Awards themed “Scaling New Heights, Conquering New Frontiers” in its 29th year. This accolade pays homage to companies that have shown innovation and courage to succeed in an ever-changing environment.

Blue Planet has established itself as a leader in sustainable practices, creating a meaningful environmental impact. Its sustainable technologies enable organizations globally to transition from a linear to a circular economy, faster and with greater efficiency. The E50 recognition stands as a testament to the company’s continuous efforts to craft a cleaner, greener future for the planet through groundbreaking waste management and upcycling solutions. Blue Planet takes a scientific approach to address environmental waste issues, developing a new approach towards Zero Waste.

Embracing the Triple Bottom Line ethos of ‘People, Planet, Prosperity,’ Blue Planet establishes new industry benchmarks with a vision for a world with zero waste to landfill. Taking a holistic approach to sustainability, the company transforms waste from a challenge into an opportunity, extracting valuable resources. Blue Planet endeavours for a net positive impact, ensuring it contributes more to the planet than it consumes, upcycling waste into valuable resources.

Madhujeet Chimni, Founder and Chairman of Blue Planet, said, “The E50 Award underscores Blue Planet’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and delivering environmentally meaningful solutions. We’re honoured to stand among Singapore’s top enterprises, a testament to our commitment to lead the charge towards a more resilient, robust and sustainable economy.”

Bradley Chew, Director of Blue Planet, added, “E50’s recognition of Blue Planet’s sustainability efforts is a true honour. It reflects our commitment to pioneering innovative waste management solutions for a greener world. This award fuels our drive for sustainable excellence and acknowledges the significant role played by our dedicated team, clients, and partners in this journey.”

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