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Gulf Oil - BIG FM

India, 23rd November 2023: It is said that the journey is always more interesting than the destination itself. Embracing this spirit of exploration and adventure, Gulf joined hands with BIG FM to amplify Gulf Formula SUV Engine Oil’s communication of ‘Be Unstoppable on every terrain.’ The collaboration aimed to highlight the unwavering passion of SUV enthusiasts for exploring diverse terrains, while emphasizing the integral role that the high-quality engine oil plays in ensuring a smooth and reliable journey.

The radio network, inspired by the Gulf Formula SUV film featuring Hardik Pandya, gave a unique twist to the campaign where BIG FM’s three popular RJs – RJ Khurafati Nitin, RJ Puneet and RJ Shekar Basha – disappeared mysteriously after a routine visit to the car service station. Leaving listeners in suspense, the RJs embarked on an unstoppable journey to various parts of the country. Upon their return, the RJs delved deep into their SUV driving experiences, shedding light on the pivotal role of Gulf Formula SUV Engine Oil that fueled their uninterrupted adventures. The RJs discussed their encounters with challenging weather conditions, tough terrains and their breathtaking destinations. Adding to the intrigue, the RJs engaged in candid conversations with mechanics and encouraged listeners to share their thrilling unstoppable experiences as well.

Speaking about the campaign, Sunil Kumaran, COO, BIG FM said, “The Unstoppable India campaign celebrated the captivating spirit of SUV owners who embarked on thrilling journeys, reminding us that, much like their adventures, it’s the journey that truly defines our path. At BIG FM, we are committed to crafting innovative campaigns that resonate with both our partners and listeners alike and this one stands out as a prime example of that commitment. We are glad to have partnered with Gulf once again on an interesting campaign and look forward to delivering content that engages and creates memorable experiences.”

Amit Gheji, Head Marketing, Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd, said, “We are delighted to associate with BIG FM for yet another remarkable campaign. This campaign celebrated the indomitable spirit of SUV enthusiasts as they navigate extraordinary journeys. It showcased the reliability of Gulf Formula SUV Engine Oil which enables SUVs and SUV owners to be unstoppable on all terrains. It also reinforced our shared values of innovation and adventure. Together, we look forward to fueling more unforgettable experiences to our consumers.”

The ‘Gulf’s Unstoppable India’ campaign culminated with a resounding message, underscoring the commitment to do something – Being Unstoppable. The campaign was extensively promoted on BIG FM’s digital and social media platforms offering an immersive and experiential deep dive into the entire journey.

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