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(New York, NY – December 6, 2023) Award-winning Human Resources and Business Leadership Executive, Lakeisha Robichaux, is celebrating a successful 2023 helping to usher in the next level of growth for her Fortune 500/100 and non-profit clients. As the CEO and Founder of Chief of Minds (COM), with over 20 years of experience in HR and business consulting, Lakeisha was able to achieve significant career milestones and facilitate client growth by delivering impactful services, yielding remarkable results. In just one year, Lakeisha helped one client grow their business by 25%, expand another’s to three new states, increase revenue growth from $500,000 to $1.5 Million in less than two years, provide a 125% increase in organizational growth and retention, and helped yield an 80% improvement in HR operations and growth. Since inception, Chief of Minds has had the privilege of representing corporations such as CVS Pharmacy, Dollar General, Louisiana Department of Education, Finance New Orleans, YWCA, Small Business Administration and University View Academy (among others), helping them to successfully grow their businesses through her strategic leadership.

Her expertise on the idea of growth and leadership was recently featured in Entrepreneur Magazine’s November 2023 issue.

“2023 was such a momentous year, not just for Chief of Minds, but for our clients as well,” says Robichaux. “We take great pride in not only meeting but surpassing our company’s goal, a result of our unwavering commitment to our clients and the sustainability of their businesses. This accomplishment is a reflection of the exceptional strength of our team and the effectiveness of our vision approach.”

Providing clients with consulting and organizational development services, training, policy and employee development, along with government solutions, Chief of Minds has quickly become one of the leading HR consulting agencies in the US, with Lakeisha featured in everything from Business Report, The Advocate, HR Future, Medium, and more. An author and public speaker as well, Lakeisha will be bringing her expertise to the upcoming Louisiana Economic Development CEO Round Table Talk on Wednesday, December 6th, where she’ll address best HR practices for the upcoming year. In addition to elevating her clients this year, Lakeisha has also spoken at several business leadership conferences including the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, the HBCU Small Business Expo, SBA 101 Women in Business, Southern University & MBDA Business Development and Procurement, the Economic Inclusion Symposium, and Essence Fest. She is also a member of the BOW Collective, an organization and sisterhood of the Nation’s top 1% of small business owners.

So what’s next after a momentous year? Robichaux will be continuing her efforts in creating successful and sustainable teams in 2024, while also continuing her work as the newly appointed Board President of the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce.

Focusing on growth and development of Black-owned businesses in her local area, and rebuilding and expanding the Chamber within the Louisiana area, Lakeisha continues to be a servant leader in the work she does. Chief of Minds will also be celebrating the 4th annual BizChiefs Conference in New Orleans in June 2024, where she’ll continue to help elevate other entrepreneurs looking to scale and/or start their own businesses.

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