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Mumbai, December 6th, 2023 – Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (“BPCL”), a Fortune Global 500 Company and a distinguished ‘Maharatna,’ celebrated a remarkable 25 years of collaborative innovation with Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited (“KOEL”). The commemorative event, held on November 27, 2023, in Pune, was a testament to the enduring partnership between BPCL and KOEL, characterized by pioneering collaborations and visionary initiatives.

The event witnessed the presence of Ms. Gauri Kirloskar, Managing Director of KOEL, alongside Mr. Rahul Sahai, CEO (B2B businesses) of KOEL, and dignitaries from KOEL. Representing BPCL, Mr. Sukhmal Kumar Jain, Director (Marketing), and Mr. P Sudhahar, Executive Director (Lubricants), along with other senior officials, added significance to the celebration.

This 25-year journey not only highlighted successful collaborations but also served as a platform to acknowledge BPCL’s unwavering support as a trusted supplier of lubricants to KOEL for their genuine engine oils, marketed under the Kirloskar Care brand name. This enduring partnership has been pivotal in ensuring KOEL’s commitment to delivering top-notch engine oils, ensuring reliability and optimal performance for consumers.

Mr. Sukhmal Kumar Jain, Director (Marketing), BPCL, expressed, “Our collaborative effort with Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited has yielded the advantage of product development, which is crucially important for developing solutions that are efficient, optimal and economical. Together, we intend to add more innovative solutions to our bouquet of offerings.”

Mr. P. Sudhahar, Executive Director (Lubes), BPCL, shared his sentiments on the occasion, stating, “This amazing 25-year voyage is characterized by a unique bond of mutual admiration, trust, innovation and growth, epitomized by the convergence of our combined energies and expertise to reach the pinnacle of excellence and sectoral leadership. Together, we look forward to even more exciting times ahead, exploring new horizons and developing newer solutions to stay ahead of the curve.”

Mr. Rahul Sahai, CEO B2B, Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited, expressed “Celebrating a quarter-century of business partnership between Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited and BPCL marks a remarkable journey filled with growth, resilience, and shared success. Our success story is not just about longevity; it’s about adaptability and the ability to evolve with the dynamic business landscape. The resilience displayed during times of change reflects the essence of our partnership– a partnership that thrives on innovation and embraces the evolving needs of our customers and the market.”

Ms. Gauri Kirloskar, Managing Director, Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited, concluded the celebration, saying, “It is indeed heartening to see such a longstanding partnership between Kirloskar Oil Engines and BPCL, MAK Lubricants. Nurturing a relationship for 25 years speaks volumes about our forward-looking vision and the strong values both our organisations share. Endurance in business hinges on strong principles and the ability to adapt to change. Looking forward to many more fruitful years of collaboration ahead.”

The 25-year celebration of collaboration between BPCL and KOEL stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of innovation and partnership. As we reflect on the past quarter-century, it is evident that our shared commitment to excellence, trust, and forward-thinking has propelled us to new heights. Looking ahead, we are excited about the possibilities that the future holds. Together, BPCL and KOEL remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation, exploring new horizons, and setting benchmarks for industry leadership.

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