Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Hexnode UEM, the enterprise software division of Mitsogo Inc., has announced that it has become an Android™️ Enterprise Silver partner. The Android Enterprise validation process serves as an initiative to assist Android customers in making informed decisions, ensuring they find the best solution to meet their business needs.

As Android dominates the smartphone market on the OS level with an impressive 70.79%, Hexnode’s achievement as a Silver partner in the Android Enterprise Partner program further solidifies the company’s proficiency in tackling the distinct challenges that organizations encounter in managing and securing their Android devices. With this latest achievement, Hexnode has gained access to a wealth of resources, technical support, and training from Android, further enabling the company to stay at the forefront of the industry and deliver enhanced solutions and support to its global clientele.

“We have always been committed to delivering the best solutions for our customers, and this endorsement stands as a testament to the dedication and expertise of our team,” expressed Rachana Vijayan, CMO and Director of Sales, Marketing, and Partnerships at Hexnode. “In today’s fast-paced business landscape, investing in the right solution is critical to enhancing the employee experience, and Android’s initiative to validate partners will undoubtedly assist customers in making well-informed choices. We are thrilled to be validated as a Silver partner in the Android Enterprise Partner program and look forward to intensifying our efforts in enhancing our Android enterprise features, catering to the evolving needs of our customers.”

The Android Enterprise Partner program evaluates partners based on their ability to deploy technical solutions and provide quality customer service. Furthermore, the program endorses organizations whose technical experts have successfully completed the Android Enterprise sales and technical training. This rigorous validation process ensures that every validated partner showcases prowess in partner expertise, product excellence, and market performance. This facilitates customers to find suitable solutions and partners that best suit their needs.

“We are excited to welcome Hexnode to the Android Enterprise partner program as a Silver partner,” said Ken Schutt, Director of Android Enterprise Partnerships. “By becoming a Silver partner, Hexnode has demonstrated their commitment for their customers, ensuring they receive top-tier customer service, support, and solutions to help them grow their business.”

Escalating security concerns have driven organizations to seek effective solutions that provide enhanced visibility and streamlined management for their corporate endpoints. Considering budgetary constraints and limited IT resources, businesses are increasingly gravitating towards unified endpoint management (UEM) solutions that can efficiently handle multiple operating systems within a unified framework. Hexnode offers a competitive pricing plan starting at just $1.08 per device per month, making it an attractive option for organizations of all sizes. With extensive support for Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and Android devices, Hexnode offers a comprehensive solution to meet diverse endpoint management needs. The platform provides a 14-day free trial, enabling organizations to explore Hexnode’s capabilities and experience the benefits firsthand.

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