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Mumbai, November 8th, 2023: If I told you that you could grill your burger and eat it too and have it taste like a Woodside burger, would you believe me? Pinch me now because this is a reality. Woodside Burger Shop, a renowned destination for delectable burgers and savoury delights, and the cloud kitchen counterpart to the iconic Woodside Inn, proudly announces the launch of their latest, most exciting innovation, the ‘Grillmaster.’ Designed to elevate the grilling experience to new heights, the Grillmaster is set to revolutionise the culinary landscape in Mumbai and redefine the art of grilling.

Grilling as an international phenomenon usually involves a number of items, is tedious, takes time and is done in backyards. But not the Grillmaster! This kit includes a number of burgers of your choice with all the ingredients required to grill & assemble with no outside ingredient requirement. This kit contains a 100% natural single-use grill. Inside the packaging, there is a visual assembly instruction leaflet with instructions for firing up the grill in a few simple steps. These grills can be disposed off very easily as well. Available with a variety of permutations and combinations in burgers, the Grillmaster is perfect for your next outdoor adventure!

Now with the changing landscape of Indians who like to vacation out of town, have homes or rentals from Alibaug to Lonavala, or often utilize their terrace, the Beer and burger culture just got a lot more exciting if you can grill them yourself without having to run around to collect ingredients and have them taste like the iconic Woodside burgers themselves! Aptly named, the Grillmaster is the first-of-its-kind grilling appliance introduced by Woodside Burger Shop. With its sleek design and advanced features, the Grillmaster promises to deliver a seamless grilling experience, ensuring perfectly cooked, succulent, and flavorful burgers for every patron.

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Sumit Gambhir, the visionary founder of Woodside Burger Shop, expressed his enthusiasm about the launch, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce the Grillmaster to our customers in Mumbai. This innovative grilling technology represents our commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and taste in every bite. With the Grillmaster, we aim to redefine the grilling experience and provide our patrons with an unforgettable culinary journey wherein they can grill their own burgers and enjoy them freshly flipped and off the grill.”

The Grillmaster boasts several cutting-edge features, including adjustable temperature control, ensuring precise cooking for various burger recipes. Its non-stick grilling surface facilitates easy cleaning, while the durable construction guarantees long-term reliability and performance. This remarkable addition to Woodside Burger Shop’s kitchen arsenal underscores the brand’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

The idea of grilling hasn’t changed throughout time, but the idea of cooking food over a fire has: providing the meal a beautiful sear on the outside and keeping the centre fully cooked and delectable. With its built-in lava stone and bamboo coal, which can reach temperatures of more than 350°C, this grill delivers the ideal temperature for grilling meat or vegetables without imparting an unpleasant smell or flavour from lighter fluid or fossil fuels. This grill may be naturally disposed of like firewood and leaves; no waste is left in the environment.

“The whole idea of Grillmaster is to allow anyone to become an expert of grilling themselves since it is extremely easy and makes everyone a Grillmaster. We provide everything in the Grillbox, so it makes it super easy and convenient for anyone to just purchase the box and follow the steps mentioned in the instruction manual provided,” says Pankil Shah, the other half of the brain behind Woodside Burger Shop.

So, let’s light it up and get your grill on only with this Grillmaster and indulge in an outdoor culinary adventure like no other by purchasing it from Swiggy or Zomato.

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