Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Sunnyvale, CA, January 31, 2024 — Tanktwo, a trailblazing green tech startup specializing in cutting-edge battery management solutions backed by 30 patents, releases a new white paper, ”Battery AI: A Self-Learning System for the Next Stage of Global Electrification.”
The company’s Battery AI technology goes beyond making batteries work more efficiently. It has a much broader implication as the foundation of its data-driven asset optimization capabilities, which will make electrification at a global scale practical and viable financially and operationally.

“We can develop new economic models thanks to access to more data, a better understanding of variants (e.g., battery chemistry), and more tightly controlled parameters,” says Bert Holtappels, founder of Tanktwo. “They, in turn, will make it possible to understand the ROI of various power and electrification investments — creating a market where batteries become assets that can be traded in an open and efficient market system.”

The white paper discusses the inner workings of the self-learning algorithm, how a battery predictive model will provide the visibility to turn batteries from an expense into an investment, and how the dynamic system fueled by a continuous learning loop improves over time.

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