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August 22 2023, Geneva, Switzerland — Proton VPN announced today the launch of its new VPN plans to serve businesses and offer the security, flexibility and customization they need.

Starting from around 2016, Proton has been progressively bringing privacy and security services to enterprises. Today, over 50,000 organizations around the world trust Proton to secure their business, and this represents over 10% of Proton’s annual turnover.

Ever since Proton VPN launched in 2017, Proton has been receiving inquiries from business customers and since 2019 has been providing VPN services to those businesses. In recent years, demand has taken off and today there are now thousands of Proton VPN for business users, ranging from startups, to Fortune 500 companies and major governmental and non-governmental organizations.

In response to the increased demand from enterprises, Proton VPN is today formally rolling out a Proton VPN for Business offering.

The landscape of work has changed. Remote and hybrid working models became the norm during the pandemic and have continued to be an important part of modern business practices. As a result, businesses have to make sure that all of their assets are as secure as possible as they navigate the new hybrid and remote work environments.

The new Proton VPN plans for Businesses protect employees who are remote, hybrid, or traveling, connecting them to secure company servers and sending the internet traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel, so employees’ activity and confidential data stay safe even over public or untrusted internet connections.

To keep company resources secure and make compliance easy, businesses need to limit access to only devices and networks that can be trusted. Proton VPN for Business achieves this with Private Gateways, which can be configured and deployed instantly. Each private gateway is only accessible to specifically authorized members and groups within an organization, making it easy for businesses to limit and segment access. Businesses can limit access to resources based on the gateway, ensuring people can only access the resources they need to do their job. This also makes it easier for businesses to meet the requirements of security certifications such as ISO 27001, SOC2, and more.

Proton VPN for Businesses include three plans to match all sized organizations needs:

Proton VPN Essentials: brings essential network monitoring features to allow safe access to the internet from anywhere.

Proton VPN Business: includes virtual private gateway and dedicated servers with fixed IP addresses. This allows businesses to control and segment access to internal resources, allowing employees and contractors access to only the content and apps required for their roles.

Proton VPN Enterprise: a fully customizable plan to suit the needs of any organizations.

Andy Yen, Founder and CEO, said: “Proton VPN’s focus on transparency and security, backed by our open source philosophy, has made Proton VPN one of the world’s most popular and trusted VPN services and in recent years, businesses looking for a VPN have increasingly taken note. As a result, even without a dedicated business offering, we have onboarded thousands of business users in the past couple years, so making the offering official today is a natural next step forward for Proton.”

While Proton VPN for Business leverages some of the technology found in Proton’s consumer VPN offering, it is a fundamentally different product with additional capabilities, including the administrative tools required to manage teams with thousands of users and devices. It also includes a number of features which make it stand out from other business VPN offerings:

Proton VPN is open-source so its security claims can be independently verified, and the service undergoes routine audit from independent third parties.

Zero hardware – Proton VPN doesn’t require any hardware installation and provides a turnkey solution that is fully managed.

Proton VPN goes beyond traditional VPN, and built in NetShield technology blocks malware, ads, trackers, and other categories of unwanted online activity. Built in protections against man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks detected and refuse connections to a malicious server that is impersonating Proton VPN

Unique anti-censorship technology: Proton VPN Accelerator, Stealth protocol, and Alternative Routing means Proton VPN always works fast, no matter where.

Swiss based – business usage of Proton VPN is covered under Swiss privacy laws which are among some of the most strict in the world, and reinforced by Switzerland’s neutrality and strong rule of law.


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