Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

New Principled Technologies Study Finds Performance and Value Advantages for Azure SQL Database Hyperscale

Durham, NC, February 15, 2024 — Organizations running their databases in the cloud have their pick of instance types, services, and cloud service providers, but not all instances offer the same performance and capabilities. Several cloud service providers offer flexible storage infrastructures, which can allow databases to grow on demand. PT evaluated the database performance and cost of two of these offerings: Azure SQL Database Hyperscale and Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL I/O-Optimized instances.

According to the report, “Across multiple vCore counts and using different numbers of database users, we found that the Azure SQL Database Hyperscale databases we tested offered stronger database performance than the Amazon Aurora instances. Plus, Azure SQL Database Hyperscale databases delivered a better value for cloud customers, improving performance per dollar by as much as 68 percent.”

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