Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

New Principled Technologies Studies Explore the Potential of Using Microsoft Azure Services to Build AI-Powered Chat Services

Durham, NC, February 12, 2024 — Principled Technologies (PT) conducted proof-of-concept testing and research to investigate the possibility of using Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB and other apps from the Azure ecosystem to create AI-driven chat applications using organizations’ own data.

The study produced two reports. The first report takes a deep dive into PT’s work to create a functional chat application with a new, large sample set of data stored in Azure Cosmos DB, using the Vector Search & AI Assistant as the starting point. The second report provides an overview of the proof-of-concept work and discusses ways that intelligent applications backed by Azure Cosmos DB could benefit a wide variety of organizations.

According to the first report, “If you have chosen to develop an intelligent Azure application that uses large language models with your own data, an effective approach is to store your unstructured or document-based data in Azure Cosmos DB, use Azure AI Search as a search and retrieval system, and utilize Azure OpenAI Service for your LLM access.”

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