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MatchWare Launches MindView 9: a New Era of Productivity and Project Management

Tampa, FL, February 09, 2024 — MatchWare A/S., a globally recognized leader in mind mapping software, announced the launch of MindView 9, a major upgrade set to redefine the way professionals and educators leverage the power of mind mapping. Kickstart productive thinking, elevate strategic planning, and improve project management with MindView 9, the apex of mind mapping technology. Building on the success of its predecessors, MindView 9 introduces pioneering features, enhanced usability, and powerful AI integration to ensure unmatched efficiency and productivity.

“MindView 9 is not just an upgrade; it’s a transformation,” says Ulrik Merrild, CEO of MatchWare. “We’ve seen first-hand how mind mapping revolutionized productivity, and with MindView 9, we’re taking it to the next level. Our new integrated task system and dynamic views are designed to convert ideas into action seamlessly, ensuring that productivity gains aren’t just incremental—they’re exponential.”

Key features of MindView 9 include:

New Kanban and Year Wheel Views: Innovative ways to visualize tasks and manage deadlines with agility and precision.

Revamped Timeline View: Enhanced to offer greater ease of use and more powerful planning capabilities.

Integrated Task System with Calendar View: A built-in system for comprehensive task management across all levels of project planning.

MindView Assist App: For on-the-go task management, ensuring seamless synchronization and accessibility.

Enhanced Capture Toolbar: Improved tools for capturing and incorporating multimedia content directly into mind maps.

New Office 2022 Interface: A sleek, intuitive interface that aligns with the latest user experience standards.

Expanded Accessibility Features: Committed to inclusivity, MindView 9 underwent a rigorous audit to meet WCAG 2.1 AA standards, alongside speech-to-text and read-aloud enhancements.

Thomas Henriksen, VP of Development, emphasized the importance of security and usability: “In the development of MindView 9, we’ve prioritized user-friendly features without compromising security or speed. Integrating AI represents our commitment to innovation, enabling users to expand ideas with AI-generated content while maintaining control over originality settings – crucial for educational environments.”

Don’t let the future of mind mapping pass you by. MindView 9 is a leap forward in productivity and task management, a tool that doesn’t just keep up with the pace of business, it accelerates it. With MindView 9, every project is an opportunity for success. Transform how your team collaborates, plans, and achieves with a mind mapping solution designed for the demands of tomorrow.

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