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M4 Engineering Inc. Announces the Opening of Midwest Technical Center

Shakopee, MN, March 01, 2024 — M4 Engineering Inc. Announces the opening of Midwest Technical Center

The M4 Engineering Technical Center will accelerate innovation in the region.

M4 Engineering Inc., a leading Engineering firm in the field of conceptual design, analysis and prototype development is happy to announce that it has opened an office in Shakopee, MN. The purpose of this office is to leverage M4’s extensive experience in Aerospace and advanced materials and to assist commercial companies, startups and government agencies in driving innovation and pushing technology envelopes.

The primary goals of this office are:

Cross pollinate industry experience.

Provide advanced engineering support to local companies in MedTech, Electronics, Transportation, and other industries.

Develop and recruit local engineering talent to support M4 projects at large.

The project lead for this effort is Vitaly Rezekulov, Technical Center Manager at M4.

Dr. Myles L. Baker, President, at M4 Engineering asserted: “We are excited to expand M4 into the Midwest. Opening up the technical center allows us to seed our extensive aerospace experience into other industries and tap into unique local knowledge and talent to accelerate innovation and develop new technologies and products faster. We have spent twenty years solving complex problems for a variety of clients and industries, and we look forward to applying this to a new set of customers in this region.”

By cross pollinating processes, materials and tools from various industries, M4 hopes to provide value both regionally and across the country. This is especially important at this time due to the ongoing transportation renaissance that M4 is taking part in. Recent demands to reduce carbon emissions have created advances in electric propulsion, battery storage and manufacturing processes and materials that make it possible to design totally new types of vehicles and applications where previous methods used didn’t apply well.

Vitaly Rezekulov, Technical Center Manager added, “I’m excited to embark on this new frontier, as M4 Engineering expands beyond CA. This expansion is a key step in our mission to serve a broader clientele, gain access to fresh pools of talent, and to develop new expertise. I extend a warm invitation to those eager to collaborate and shape the future to reach out to us. Our team brings together top-tier consulting professionals, advanced technologies, and an expertise in Siemens engineering software.”

The choice to open up the Technology Center in Shakopee, MN was based on M4’s desire to provide better support for some of our local partners, like Polaris Industries, and to help develop an innovation ecosystem in their area.

“Polaris Industries applauds M4 and their commitment to customer service by opening their new office in Minnesota. This strategic move enhances accessibility to superior services, comprehensive training, and advanced technical support. This reflects a shared dedication to exceeding customer expectations and fostering strong partnerships. Polaris appreciates M4 Engineering’s proactive approach and look forward to continued collaboration in their new chapter.” Rob Considine, Acoustics & Vibration Manager offered these kind words of encouragement and support leading to what M4 hopes will be a great future in the region.

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