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IronOrbit at New York Build 2024: Where Construction Meets Cutting-Edge Cloud Computing

Anaheim Hills, CA, January 25, 2024 — IronOrbit, an industry leader in cloud solutions, is thrilled to announce its participation at the prestigious 2024 New York Build Expo. As a pioneering force in innovative technology solutions, IronOrbit is set to showcase its GPU-Accelerated INFINITY Workspaces, recognized by Gartner’s® Magic Quadrant™ for Desktop as a Service. They are eager to discuss how their solution is sustainable and capable of accommodating the upcoming compliance requirements of CMMCv2.

IronOrbit’s GPU-Accelerated Workspaces have redefined the benchmarks for cloud computing, offering companies robust, scalable, and highly secure environments. IronOrbit’s INFINITY workspaces leverage the power of NVIDIA’s GPU technology to deliver seamless, high-speed performance, catering to the demanding needs of graphics-intensive applications used in various industries.

At the 2024 New York Build Expo, attendees will have the chance to engage directly with IronOrbit’s cloud specialists. These experts will provide detailed information about the advantages of IronOrbit’s cloud services, specifically focusing on how they offer tailored IT solutions to address the unique challenges AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) firms face. This interaction will offer a deeper understanding of how IronOrbit’s services can revolutionize business operations within the AEC industry, specifically assisting clients with the preparation and achievement of CMMCv2 certification.

“We are excited to be once again a part of the New York Build Expo, a platform that aligns perfectly with our vision of revolutionizing workspace technology,” said Kamron Naderkhani, Marketing Manager of IronOrbit. “This year, we are proud to demonstrate our GPU-Accelerated Workspaces, which have garnered significant industry attention for their unparalleled performance and flexibility.”

The New York Build Expo is renowned for bringing together leaders in construction, architecture, and technology, making it the perfect arena for IronOrbit to exhibit its technological prowess. The expo is expected to attract a diverse audience, from industry experts to technology enthusiasts, all eager to explore the latest innovations.

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