Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Fans of the critically-acclaimed and widely-celebrated series Panchayat, have been waiting eagerly for the upcoming season of their favorite show. In order to sustain the fervor of audience enthusiasm, Prime Video launched a unique activity to unveil the launch date of the highly anticipated new season. Created by TVF, Panchayat has been delighting audiences with its rooted, heartwarming storyline and much-loved characters, since the launch of the series, 4 years ago.

prime video

Ahead of the next seasons’ date announcement, the streaming service launched an intriguing website, where audiences can pluck the ever-so-iconic Phulera ki laukis and unveil the official launch date. Simultaneously, the ‘laukis’ have taken over the billboards in the city, concealing the launch date. What’s more? The cast of Panchayat and several influencers took to their social media pages, nudging fans to take part in this unique initiative, by visiting the website and plucking the laukis to eventually reveal the date, once all the laukis are plucked.

By Prabhat

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