Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

Urban Square Mall in Udaipur witnessed an incredible gathering as attendees immersed themselves in the vibrant festivities of Urban Holi Utsav. The two-day event, which brought the essence of Mathura’s Holi to the heart of Udaipur, was a resounding success, captivating guests with its blend of entertainment and cultural experiences.

The festivities kicked off with a side-splitting Standup Comedy Night on Day 1, headlined by acclaimed comedians Akshay Srivastava and Vivek Samtani. Their performances kept the audience engaged and entertained, setting the stage for the colorful celebrations that followed.

Day 2 saw the mall transformed into a bustling carnival, with food stalls offering a delectable variety of treats, including Sigdi Dosa, chocolate fountains paired with hot chocolate and brownies, Delhi live kitchen delights, and Cholaoji Khaoji specialties. The highlight of the evening was the Phoolon ki Holi, a Flower Holi Extravaganza that paid homage to the traditional festival while embracing eco-friendly practices.

DJ Jazz, DJ Shivam Bhatt, and Arth Band provided the musical backdrop, keeping the energy levels high and ensuring that guests remained connected and enthralled throughout the festivities.

Uddhav Poddar, Managing Director of Bhumika Group, expressed his delight at the event’s success, stating, “We are thrilled to have brought the spirit of Mathura’s Holi to Urban Square Mall and to have showcased the rich cultural heritage of our country. This event marks the beginning of many such cultural celebrations to come, as we continue to enrich the community with vibrant experiences.”

Urban Square Mall invites everyone to relive the magic of Urban Holi Utsav and looks forward to hosting more cultural celebrations that unite communities and celebrate the diverse tapestry of Indian culture.

By Prabhat

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