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25th April 2024: Deeply committed to its ethos rooted in promoting sustainability, environmental responsibility, and fostering equitable partnerships within the community, The Body Shop, a British-born international ethical beauty brand, celebrates the rich cultural tapestry of India through innovative store design concepts. Focusing on local relevance and cultural immersion, The Body Shop has transformed select existing stores in Ahmedabad, New Delhi, and Kochi into vibrant showcases of India’s diverse heritage.

Palladium Ahmedabad

In New Delhi’s T1D Airport store, The Body Shop has captured the essence of the capital city’s unmatched architectural marvels. The store design showcases iconic monuments such as the Red Fort, Lotus Temple, India Gate, and Qutub Minar, alongside the scenic beauty of the Yamuna riverbank. This design not only celebrates India’s cultural richness but also emphasizes The Body Shop’s commitment to sustainability and fair trade practices.

Similarly, in Ahmedabad, where festivals signify socio-cultural-religious and even economic aspirations, The Body Shop has unveiled two stunning stores at the Airport and Palladium Mall, each with a unique design that reflects the city’s vibrant culture. Inspired by the traditional attire and the charkha, the stores feature captivating murals created by renowned local mural artists. These designs seamlessly blend tradition, environmental consciousness, and communal unity, embodying The Body Shop’s ethos of sustainability and community empowerment.

(L to R) Palladium Ahmedabad and Ahmedabad Airport

Further, travelling down south to God’s Own Country, Kerala, The Body Shop’s store at Kochi’s Forum Mall pays homage to Kerala’s vibrant culture and natural beauty. The mural in the store depicts an empowered rural woman embracing nature and culture, symbolizing The Body Shop’s dedication to natural ingredients. With her feet in the Arabian Sea, the mural highlights the harmonious relationship between humans and the environment, echoing The Body Shop’s commitment to sustainability.

In line with The Body Shop’s mission to positively impact both people and the planet, the brand has been actively launching Activist workshop stores since 2022. The unique format stores empower customers to easily navigate and support the Recycling Programme launched by The Body Shop way back in 2019. Through this initiative; the customers can recycle their favourite product packaging thereby fostering a more sustainable approach and supporting the environment through plastic recycling.

The Body Shop is doubling down on its eco-conscious mission with a store design that reflects its values. From reclaimed wood and recycled plastics in the fixtures to the aluminum facade (a low-energy, endlessly recyclable material), sustainability is woven into the store itself. Even the worktops are made from 100% recycled materials, keeping waste out of landfills. This commitment extends beyond the store walls – over 70% of The Body Shop’s packaging is fully recyclable.

Currently, the brand is present in 200 stores nationwide, catering to 1500+ cities through its online reach as well as strong marketplace partnership with all leading players. Additionally, the brand has already implemented the initiative to enhance over 10 stores with murals, potentially boosting customer engagement and brand recognition.

Visit The Body Shop stores across India to experience the beauty of India’s diverse cultures.

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