Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Supply chain platforms are getting a high-tech makeover that’s shaking up the industry. With innovations like AI, data analytics, and even blockchain, these platforms are turning old-school practices upside down. They are making logistics a breeze and moving towards smarter decisions, fewer hiccups, and lightning-fast responses to market challenges. Companies are able to achieve higher levels of productivity, reduce costs, deliver superior customer experiences and stay competitive. Here are 4 such companies that, integrate technology to the best:

 1. FarEye – A leading logistics management company, FarEye provides end-to-end visibility and predictive analytics to businesses. The platform offers multiple tech solutions such as dynamic routing solutions, the use of AI, tech for enhancing customer experience, and more.
2. ShakeDeal – A Bangalore-based company, ShakeDeal is a leading supply chain and B2B commerce platform that excels at procurement processes. ShakeDeal has Mozart as their Vendor Management System that uses tech to optimise tail spending and automate the supply chain to streamline processes. Alongside, they use other tech like AI, and analytics, among others, to ease processes.
3. Edgistify – Edgistify is a tech-enabled brand that leverages the latest technology to offer supply chain management. The tech-driven platform uses EgdeOS to provide end-to-end supply chain visibility, along with other tech solutions that allow unified order processing and effective warehouse management.
4. Rivigo – A tech-enabled logistics company, Rivigo has an innovative approach to long- haul trucking. The brand uses a unique relay model and advanced data analytics to ensure faster and more reliable delivery of goods across India. Industries are broadening their technological horizons, and the supply chain sector is no exception. By embracing an array of advanced tools and welcoming new technologies, we are witnessing a significant enhancement in the quality of supply chain management. As businesses continue to integrate innovative solutions into their operations, the landscape of supply chain management is poised for further advancement and optimization in the coming years.

By Prabhat

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