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Author Neelam Prabha

Patna, December 27, 2023 – Esteemed author Neelam Prabha recently marked the launch of the much-anticipated book, ‘सुबह: काव्य संग्रह’ (Subah: Kaavyaa Sangreh). Published by Gurucool Publishing, this Hindi book offers a collection of poems that delve into the essence of mornings and their significance in our lives.

Her previous literary work includes “Ashwath” a Takshila Publication, collection of prayers is the first book compiled and edited by Neelam Prabha. It not only consists of prayers but also enriched with her original songs/poems praising and glorifying nature, festivals and relations highlighting religious harmony. It

embodies different languages and is named Ashwath meaning “Peepal” a Banyan Tree which has strong roots, vastly spread and is perennial.

After Ashwath, a collection of classical poems in edited form from the prime days (aadikaal) to modern days(adhunik kaal) in book entitled “Avigat” in three volumes. Additionally, Neelam Prabha has penned ‘Kathavali,’ a seven- volume series of world-level tales.

Neelam Prabha’s ‘Subah: Kaavya Sangrah’ adds to her repertoire of acclaimed works.

The theme of the book revolves around mornings being the vanguards of life’s innovation. Neelam Prabha’s poetic verses beautifully highlight the importance of embracing the virtues that dawn brings.

When asked about the inspiration behind the book, Neelam Prabha shared, “I was inspired by an article published in ‘Sarvottam,’ the Hindi edition of ‘Reader Digest.’ The article expressed a desire for mornings to be captured and sold in bottles so that those who miss out on experiencing the beauty of early mornings can still savor them.”

Neelam Prabha’s motivation to start writing stems from her family legacy of cultivating a love for the Hindi language. Writing in Hindi has become a virtuous pursuit for her, and she continues to explore different topics through her compositions.

Explaining her choice of topic for this book, the author commented, “The beauty and wonders of nature have always mesmerized me. My next collection of poems will be entitled ‘Ek Lamha Dopahar,’ focusing on capturing the essence of a moment in the afternoon.”

The book is the debut publication of Neelam Prabha, who showcases her exceptional talent and deep connection with the Hindi language. This book promises to captivate readers with its profound emotions and thought-provoking verses.

Gurucool Publishing, known for its commitment to promoting exceptional literary works, is proud to support Neelam Prabha in this endeavor. The publishing house believes that her unique perspective and eloquent writing style will resonate with readers, making सुबह: काव्य संग्रह (Subah: Kaavya Sangrah) a significant contribution to Hindi literature.

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