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12th January, 2024; Mumbai, India:

QYOU Media India’s Hindi General Entertainment Channel, Q TV, is set to elevate the entertainment quotient for its viewers with the launch of a new show, ‘Mridul Ki Duniya’, in line with the channel’s Zara Hatke proposition. The show, starring the internet sensation Mridul, promises to bring laughter into households with its family-friendly, light-hearted content. Starting 15th January 2024, ‘Mridul Ki Duniya’ is scheduled to air from Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM, only on Q TV.

Mridul Ki Duniya - Creative

‘Mridul Ki Duniya’ showcases the humorous brilliance of Mridul, a talented creator known for his unique and hilarious take on the everyday lives of people around him. Set in a household where Mridul lives with his parents and older brother, Nitin, the show provides a delightful insight into their daily escapades. While Mridul’s mother, who manages the household with a strictness that elicits laughter and relatability, adds a touch of realism to the amusing narrative, Mridul’s father, known for his frugality, becomes the unwitting target of schemes concocted by Nitin and Mridul to extract a bit of pocket money from the household expenses. Mridul’s specialty lies in infusing satire into the narrative of his videos, ensuring family-friendly entertainment that resonates with viewers of all ages. The show brings forth funny and light-hearted content tailored, with Mridul’s distinct accent fostering a strong connection with the target audience.

Raj Mishra, Group CEO of QYOU Media India

Speaking on the launch of ‘Mridul Ki Duniya’, Raj Mishra, Group CEO of QYOU Media India, said, “In the dynamically evolving space of entertainment, we at QYOU Media India, continue to successfully navigate the uncharted formats of entertainment that resonate across demographics. Our flagship Hindi General Entertainment Channel, Q TV, spearheads growth with innovative formats, setting a precedent for engaging and relatable content. As we surge ahead, our focus remains steadfast on identifying avenues and crafting shows that not only captivate but also connect with the diverse tastes of our audiences. We are dedicated to continuously raising the bar, ensuring our viewers experience entertainment that mirrors their evolving preferences.”

Dive into the world of laughter with ‘Mridul Ki Duniya,’ premiering on January 15 at 8:30 PM, Monday to Friday, only on Q TV.

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