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April 29, 2024 Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Loka Viveka, a pioneering HR Tech and Work Tech Venture Studio, announces its official launch, introducing a transformative approach to leveraging human potential within organisations.

Founded by HR Consulting Veteran, Sakshi Kapahi (MIT Sloan); and Tech Entrepreneur and Angel Investor, Abhishek Rungta; Loka Viveka is set to build, acquire, incubate, and invest to build a portfolio of solutions to enable and empower human capital in progressive organisations.

The venture studio model is a first of its kind in India. Loka Viveka provides aspiring startups and existing HR Tech entrepreneurs with the tools needed to succeed: from seed capital, technology development, functional insights, market access, and in-depth operational support across the venture lifecycle – all the ingredients for sustainable scaling of the venture.

Combining decades of experience in HR Consultancy and Digital Transformation, Loka Viveka aims to address the critical challenge of technology adoption in HR. “Our mission is clear; we empower organisations to fully leverage their human capital through intuitive technology solutions that seamlessly integrate with their unique and established business practices, thus enhancing efficiency and engagement,” says Sakshi Kapahi, Co-Founder of Loka Viveka, and Director of OMAM Consultants.

Loka Viveka is already making strides with its first venture, Breeze FSM—a robust field sales management solution enabling over 45,000 field sales professionals across leading FMCG brands in India. “Breeze FSM exemplifies our approach: powerful technology customised to business processes of the enterprises, ensuring high adoption, and empowering the users with contextual insights to do their job better,” explains Abhishek Rungta, Co-Founder of Loka Viveka, and Founder of Indus Net Technologies (INT.).

“With Loka Viveka, we’re not just investing in ideas, but solving real problems, and in the process actively shaping the future of work through a hands-on approach. We have earmarked an initial investment of 125 crores to execute our vision. We invite innovators and disruptors in HR Tech and Work Tech to join us on this exciting journey,” invites Rungta.

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