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New Delhi, 6th October 2023: India TV, the only news group to have CTV first news channels in India, have launched an exclusive CTV stream for ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023. Starting from October 5th, the streaming will be available on the India TV Smart TV App.

The dedicated 24/7 streaming will bring non-stop live coverage of cricket world cup, expert analysis, and all the behind-the-scenes stories to the screen for cricket enthusiasts worldwide. To engage the viewers, it will also feature documentaries on Indian Cricket grounds and quizzes.

On the launch of this new stream Ritu Dhawan, Managing Director, and CEO of India TV said, “There is a good amount of audience duplication between news and cricket audience. To serve them exclusive coverage of cricket world cup, we’ve launched a dedicated sports stream, which will be available on our smart TV app”.

Earlier in August, India TV, the leading Hindi news channel in India, introduced the main channel and two dedicated CTV channels on CTV devices. In addition to India TV Live, the channels also introduced India TV Speed News and India TV Aap ki Adalat. Furthermore, India TV is also planning to launch a few more channels in future.

The decision to foray into the CTV platform is in line with the changing news and entertainment landscape. In the past few years, CTV has emerged as a touchpoint of interest as it is able to bring together the large-screen TV experience and has the target measurement capabilities of digital. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to go beyond the 24-hour barrier of providing content and facilitating structured information to the viewer. As per the FICCI-EY report 2022, CTVs are expected to touch the 40 million marks by 2025.

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