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Gold Medal Victory

Faridabad, Haryana: The 2023 Asian Para Games in Hangzhou, China have commenced, with Indian athletes demonstrating their exceptional skills. In the club throw F51 event, India excelled, securing all three medals. Pranav Soorma, representing India, has attained the gold medal with an impressive throw of 30.01 meters, bringing immense pride to the state of Haryana on the international stage. Pranav Soorma is a beneficiary of the Lakshya Scholarship from M3M Foundation, a renowned social organization in the city. It’s noteworthy that the M3M Foundation has extended its support to three additional athletes participating in the Asian Para Games in China.

Pranav Soorma’s journey to athletic excellence is a remarkable testament to his unwavering determination and resilience. At the age of 16, he endured a life-altering accident that left him with a spinal cord injury and paralysis. In 2018, he made the courageous choice to pursue a career in sports. Today, he stands as a professional athlete, amassing accolades on the global stage. Pranav clinched a silver medal in the Beijing Grand Prix World Para Athletics in 2019 and has now secured a gold medal in the Para Asia Games. Notably, Pranav’s competitors in the Club Throw F51 event were fellow Indian athletes, with Dharambir (28.76 m) and Amit Kumar (26.93 m) claiming the second and third positions, respectively.

Dr. Payal Kanodia, Chairman and Trustee of M3M Foundation, congratulated Pranav for his gold medal victory and emphasized the Foundation’s commitment to offering scholarships to nurture students and athletes. She expressed pride in Pranav’s accomplishments and emphasized the Foundation’s mission to foster emerging talent in sports. M3M Foundation actively identifies and supports promising athletes across the country.

Pranav’s coach, Mr. Naval, conveyed his elation at Pranav’s triumph and commended the athlete’s steadfast dedication and focus. He expressed his hope for Pranav’s continued success, aspiring to bring further honor to his family, state, and country. Mr. Naval also extended his gratitude to the M3M Foundation, which has transformed the futures of numerous athletes through its scholarship program. He fervently expressed his hope that more scholars from the M3M Foundation would emerge as sports stars, further enhancing the country’s reputation.

In response to his victory, Pranav Soorma conveyed his delight and credited his success to his coach, family, and M3M Foundation. He underscored the Foundation’s pivotal role in delivering unwavering support, including vital facilities during his training. Pranav’s participation in the European Championship for the Czech Republic in Ostrava, facilitated by the Foundation’s support, significantly bolstered his confidence. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the M3M Foundation and pledged to secure more medals for his country in the future.

Pranav Soorma’s remarkable journey and triumph at the Asian Para Games stand as a source of inspiration and pride for the nation and the state of Haryana. M3M Foundation’s enduring commitment to nurturing emerging sports talent assures that future athletes will receive the support required to excel on the global stage.

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