Mon. May 20th, 2024

Mumbai, April 20, 2024: Avaada Group, a leading player in green energy solutions, is pleased to announce its participation at the upcoming 26th World Energy Congress, scheduled to take place in Rotterdam, Netherlands, from April 22, 2024, to April 25, 2024. The Congress, organized by the World Energy Council, serves as a global platform for dialogue and collaboration on energy-related issues.

 The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) will lead the Indian delegation to the Congress, aiming to amplify India’s role in the global energy transition and its commitment to achieving net zero emissions. Mr. Vineet Mittal, Chairman – CII Taskforce on Green Hydrogen and Chairman of Avaada Group, has agreed to be a part of the esteemed industry delegation, along with other prominent leaders from the Indian energy sector.

 The 26th World Energy Congress will provide an opportunity to showcase India’s potential as a powerhouse of renewable energy and its commitment to achieving net-zero emissions. The objective of the Indian delegation at the 26th World Energy Congress will be to advocate for collaborative efforts, technological innovation, and strategic partnerships in the energy sector. Commenting on the participation of the Indian delegation at the 26th World Energy Congress, Mr. Vineet Mittal, Chairman of the CII Taskforce on Green Hydrogen and Chairman of Avaada Group, said, “The 26th World Energy Congress in Rotterdam represents a significant milestone for India and the global community in advancing the energy transition. As part of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) delegation, Avaada Group is committed to leveraging this platform to articulate India’s achievements and ambitions in renewable energy and energy transition space. Our goal is to engage in meaningful exchanges, learn from global best practices, and establish partnerships that are essential for collaborative progress. This congress offers a unique opportunity for us to highlight India’s dedication to sustainable energy solutions, showcase our advancements in clean technology, and reinforce our leadership in the global energy landscape. Through our participation, we aspire to contribute constructively to the global energy dialogue and bring back valuable insights and collaborations that will further propel India towards a sustainable and energy-secure future.”

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